The Real SS304 Stainless steel faucet!!!!

ZENTEK faucets are inspired by nature, and are devoted to providing safe and clean water with genuine SS304 stainless steel faucets.

ZENTEK faucets are designed to unite functionality with aesthetic for modern kitchens.

With our planet in mind, ZENTEK uses environmentally friendly technology to manufacture all of our faucets.

Fashion, Durable, No plating, No pollution, Green, No lead, Non-toxic, Life time warranty finish.

All ZENTEK stainless steel components are no plating. Each ZENTEK component undergoes strict inspection and ensuring compliance with strict NSF standard for material safety. As an OEM & ODM manufacturer for a number of renowned faucets brands for 20 years, the ZENTEK stainless steel faucet is your most reliable faucets solution.

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